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Nestling just south of Portsmouth and Southampton the Island has lots to offer, No Island comes so close.


Welcome to the Website of the Isle of Wight Group of the Motor Caravanners’ Club The Club is run by motor caravanners for motor caravanners and was started in 1960.


Apart from 2 admin staff at Club HQ in Malvern, the Club and the Isle of Wight Group is run exclusively by volunteers. Within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the Club is organised into Groups and the Isle of Wight Group covers the whole of the Island. It is the smallest group, geographically within the club. The Group is run by a Committee elected each year and was founded in 1989.


As a Group, we arrange for our members;


a. To enjoy the use of their motor caravans at locations/venues for a relatively small cost compared to commercial sites. This is done by using our ‘Certificate of Exemption’ granted to us by Natural England (issuing Authority in England) which is required under the ‘Caravan Sites and Control Development Act, 1960’. This allows us to stay on land with the landowners permission.


b. To enjoy the use of their motor caravans at Island commercial sites thus supporting local business (sites). To do this it is normal to ask our members to book prior to attending, this may be a few weeks prior to a rally but usually this allows volunteer members running a rally on a commercial site to negotiate lower priced pitches, it also allows our local sites to maximise their income by knowing in advance how many free pitches they have for other users.


Our aim as a Group is to provide for any MCC Member any of the following that constitutes a rally:


1. Motor caravan pitches for between 2 and 7 days at locations in our area (may be longer on a commercial site)


2. Facilities for motor caravanners on site – these vary from basic drinking water and toilet disposal to electric hook-up, showers, toilets, hall for social gathering, etc


3. Public transport within walking distance of the site


4. The opportunity to visit local events close to the site


5. The opportunity to attend social gatherings of motor caravanners on site, sometimes including provision of meals


These arrangements are popularly called ‘Rallies’ –a term which newcomers tend to perceive as a gathering of people to attend a strictly organised routine that everyone must comply with. That perception is totally untrue. Our rallies are for people with motor caravans who wish to visit a location to do as they choose. The reality is that in the company of like-minded folk you can feel ‘at home amongst friends’ whilst deciding how you wish to spend your time enjoying the use of your motor caravan


We endeavour to ensure that you are made welcome and offer any help that you may need to enjoy your stay Should you have any questions regarding our Group, you will find contact telephone numbers elsewhere on this website.


We are always happy to receive calls at a reasonable hour of the day ! Welcome to the Website of the Isle of Wight Group of the Motorcaravanners’ Club

Christmas Dinner
Saturday 9th December
The Fighting Cocks
Details to follow
Group Chairman
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