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The Isle of Wight Motor Caravanner's Group runs a comprehensive programme of rallys each year. Most members of our Group (not all) live on our beautiful Island. As active club members we think its great when other members from the mainland pay us a visit.


The Island has a lot to offer. We do however know that the cost of ferry travel can be restrictive. To assist club members there are some things you can do to ensure your getting the best deal when setting sail to the Island.


The Island is served by two ferry companies. Red Funnel and Wightlink. Both companies charge a premium for using their call center to book ferrys. The best way to ensure a deal is to book online. Ferry costs can vary sharply depending on the time of day you travel and the time of year.


If you are members of the other clubs then it is always advisable to contact them too and compare prices on the ferry web sites' to the offer price through the clubs.


Links from this site to the ferry company websites are on the home page to assist you, or here. RED FUNNEL  WIGHTLINK


Just to re-iterate, the Island is a beautiful place to visit steeped in history and is normally a coupe of degree's warmer than mainland uk. We would love to see you on one of our rallys in the future.






BEST DEAL FOR MOTORHOME TRAVEL IS WIGHTLINK WHEN BOOKED DIRECTLY THROUGH THE CAMPING AND CARAVANNING CLUB WEBSITE. (You must be logged into the members section of the C&CC site scroll down to "ferrys" click on Wightlink and book (**note the 50% discounted fare is not shown until the final page before you pay**)

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